The Artist Series: Robert Rodriguez #RobertRodriguez #TroublemakerStudios #IndyFilm #RebelWithoutACrew

My second subject in The Artist Series is Robert Rodriguez. Robert Rodriguez runs his Troublemaker Studios and his El Ray cable television network from Austin, Texas, where he acts as a producer, writer, director, musician, editor, and actor... So- he's a man of many sombreros.

Rodriguez started his film making career with the critically acclaimed Indy short Bedhead, which then led him to the critically acclaimed Indy feature El Mariachi which he acted as a one-man crew. Rodriguez documents the process of making this film, from his time as a medical test-subject to get the funds, through the distribution and release process in his diary formatted book "Rebel Without A Crew".

Rodriguez has gone on to work with his close-contemporary Quentin Tarantino on a number of films, as well as with graphic Novelist Frank Miller, just to name a couple.

Check out the book, it's a cool look inside the foundations of an impressive film career.

Adios muchachos.