Phoenix Arizona Video Production

Video Production in the Valley of the Sun - Phoenix, Arizona.

If you're familiar with us, you know we travel, a lot! While we love our two bases of operation in Las Vegas and Long Beach, we are a bit wanderlust. One of our most recent voyages took us to the Valley of the Sun. Like Vegas, Phoenix, Arizona is a melting pot in so many ways, there are visitors and part and full time residents of all ages, races, and points of origin. Similar in climate, and not much older than Las Vegas, Phoenix is quite different in culture. Phoenix and the ever-growing "Sun Belt Corridor" which includes the Phoenix Metro area and Tucson are rich in history and culture. From Hollywood Westerns to the hundreds of golf courses, classic desert landscape to the glitz of Scottsdale, you know Phoenix when you see it.

We teamed up with one of our favorite clients on a project at University Park downtown, to unveil some recent additions. The city utilized a generous donation to add classic games like Four Square, Corn Hole, Tether Ball, and Bocce Ball. Along with a city pool, awesome baseball field, and plenty of open space, this park will continue to serve the community for years to come.

We were so happy to be a part of the ribbon cutting ceremony, and can't wait to get back to Phoenix for the next project.


Time For a Time Lapse

FiveSix Productions has been exploring the world of time lapse photography to add some extra pizzazz to some of our recent projects.

With the help of some add-ons to our Edelkrone Slider Plus, we've been putting our Canon 5D Mark II to good use. We've added the Edelkrone Action Module and Target Module to our Slider Plus to create precise, calculated, and oh-so-smooth moves. Both devices have been created to make time lapse photography both easy and worry free; the math is done by the modules, so all you have to do is tell it what you want, and away it goes. This all equates to less time doing terrifying mathematics, and more time on our favorite subject: photos of baby animals on Instagram! We were recently at ConExpo-Con/AGG, and are excited to get our gear out to some more exciting Las Vegas video production gigs.

motion control timelapse

time lapse setup

The Edelkrone SliderPLUS

Having a dolly or slider on set can make a world of difference in the overall value of your production; sometimes, however, there is not enough time, space, or budget to allow for such things- enter the Edelkrone SliderPLUS. The Edelkrone SliderPLUS utilizes ingenious technology and design to give you a full-size slider effect in only half the space. The SliderPLUS uses a built in dolly along with retractable rails to literally double the usable slide space- all in a portable, easy to use tool. We love this product and use it constantly, especially for b-roll and whenever we travel. The SliderPLUS easily supports our Canon 5D Mark II, as well as our Sony a7S, and can even handle a fully outfitted Canon C300 with no problems. Again, we here at FiveSix Production cannot recommend this product enough, and suggest you rent one from our friends at F11 Rentals for your next video shoot here in Las Vegas, or wherever your production takes you.