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New shoulder rigs coming soon!

Every once and a while, you get that spark of imagination, the creative juices begin to flow... and suddenly, you have created something totally righteous. That's just what we're doing here at FiveSix Productions. We realize that to expand and improve upon what we can offer to our clients, and to continue to push the limits of what FiveSix Productions is capable of, well, we need to never stop expanding on our gear and skill sets. That's why we're building a pair of sleek, dynamic, and versatile shoulder-rigs that will allow us to push beyond what we've been able to do with our older shoulder rigs.

Now, don't get too excited, we didn't opt for the edition with the sparklers and mini-fridges, but we are pretty sure these will work just as well. Coupled with our new Tilta Nucleus-M follow focus system, and our upgraded power-distribution solution, anything from our Canon C300 Mark II's to our RED Epic Dragon will be set free. We are excited to announce that our new DJI Ronin 2 will also benefit from our Nucleus-M follow focus system, and between that and our shoulder rigs, series of sliders, jibs, and tripods, we've completely set our photography free.

Make sure to ask about our new shoulder rigs and DJI Ronin 2 when booking your next Las Vegas or Long Beach video production project with us.

Zacuto Shoulder Rig


Tilat Nucleus m

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Like Looking Into the Heavens

Recently, we got to be a part of a very fun shoot here in Las Vegas. Why so fun? It's because we got to break out our awesome RED Epic Dragon and Schneider Cine-Primes and have them all making silky smooth moves on our Dana Dolly- we even invited our Sound Devices 633 to join in on the fun. Now, I can't even begin to tell you how sweet that 6K looked through those lenses, the bokeh was superb, the shot was crips and focused, and I could have sworn we were on silk, because the movement on the Dana Dolly was smoooooth! It helped having the one and only CMDP manning the lens, but, with a lineup like the one we had- even I could have made a little bit of magic. So, for your next Las Vegas video production, I would highly recommend adding the RED and the Schneiders to your order, you can always knock that 6K down to SD in post. Oh... the 633 was fine for audio, or whatever.
FiveSix ProductionsFIVESIX Productions

FiveSix ProductionsFIVESIX Productions

FiveSix Productions Tangos with Cinebags

FiveSix Productions has a soft spot for the folks over at Cinebags; their line of production bags not only protects and serves our precious gear, it also looks great while doing it!

Recently, FiveSix Productions had the opportunity to work with Cinebags on a new set of videos to showcase their awesome line of products, and we had a blast doing it. It was great to break out the Dana Dolly, and some of our specialty lenses, and really get our creative minds working. Coupled with some dope beats and fat tracks, and there's no way these videos will be anything less than spectacular. For your next Las Vegas video production, or anywhere you want to take our gear, you'll be shooting with the finest, and carrying it in style- Cinebags' motto is "Life on Location", and we here at FiveSix Productions want to help you get there.

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FiveSix Productions Uses Protection

Don't be a fool, wrap your tools: great advice that we here at FiveSix Productions take seriously. We utilize a number of great products to store and transport our various tools and pieces of gear; from Cinebags for our cameras, to Pelican and SKB for our tripods, Dana Dolly, and DJI products. One of our favorites for custom designed cases is Jason Cases in Durham, North Carolina. Jason Cases utilizes only the best products, and while they have predesigned cases, they are the best at customizing any case to fit your exact needs. We are huge fans of this for our kits that have a lot of separate pieces that can get lost, or pieces that are fragile. Their quick turnaround time ensures even if you're a Las Vegas video production company like us, you'll have your order very quickly. So, next time you need a durable, custom case, reach out to Jason Cases, and they'll get you set up.

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FiveSix ProductionsFIVESIX Productions

FiveSix Productions Hits the Hardwood

It's that time of year again, when the NBA (that baseball player, Michael Jordan, played with this group for a while) gets together in Las Vegas to have their summer league. Yes, all the youngsters, fresh out of college or foreign countries, converge upon Sin City to try to throw a ball through a netted hoop. It's during this event that some of them will earn invitations to 'the cool kids' table', and they get to repeat this activity for months on end throughout the winter and spring. Anyhoo, we took to the festivities and charades, and sent a small tribe of camera and audio folks to the Mandarin Oriental to do some television makin'. Seven cameras, a dana dolly, a slew of microphones, and many a soft, diffused light made for grand times as we captured two, yes, two hour-long episodes of basketball television bliss. It was a long day, but that's just what we love; half-days are half a day to short in our opinion. Until next time, may your dunks break backboards, and may your dribbles never be double.


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FiveSix Objects!

FiveSix has been getting in the spirit of the season recently. Which season, you may ask. Why, the election season, of course. When we're not trying to make America great again, we're working with local governmental type figures who are trying to get elected, or stay elected into various governmental offices. So, we went to court to help a Las Vegas judge, try to get reelected. We objected, were overturned, asked for continuances, and were ultimately held in contempt for being too awesome, as we shot on our glorious Canon C300 Mark II. With slides, pans and tilts, and glorious depth of field, we did our Las Vegas video production thing, and made some Hollywood magic out here in Sin City. So, until next time, you stay classy; we're going to go study for the bar exam.

Dana Dolly Review

Dana Dolly: Smooth Moves and Flexability #DanaDolly #SmoothMove #FilmGear

FiveSix Productions recently acquired at very cool, new tool for our arsenal that once again adds big tool/big budget features and abilities in a manageable size and for our Las Vegas Video Production team.

The Dana Dolly enables traditional dolly moves with equipment that is a fraction of the size, utilizing a fraction of the space. Now, before anyone gets too excited, there of course are limitations to the Dana Dolly that a traditional dolly wouldn't encounter. There is a weight limit for cameras on the Dana Dolly, a traditional dolly may be able to allow for more maneuverability of the camera on the mount (if it is equipped with a hydraulic arm that can raise and lower), and with the Dana Dolly, the operator can't switch sides mid shot, should that need arise. However, the Dana Dolly can hold up to 100lbs of camera, there certainly is a fair amount of maneuverability with the Dana Dolly's heads and attachments, and finally, there shouldn't be too many instances where the op wouldn't be able to get the shot from one side of the track. On top of all of that, the Dana Dolly can be positioned much more liberally and creatively compared to a very large and cumbersome cinedolly.

There are many different dollies of varying size, dimensions, uses, and more; the best thing is to buy what is going to be most practical and affordable for your most common needs. Having a dolly on set can add a really wonderful touch to any shoot, especially when doing pick-up shots during an interview, and it's a dream to have for b-roll.

If you are interested in renting a Dana Dolly, or full size cinedolly, our friends at F11 Rentals have both to accommodate your needs.