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Building a grip truck

Ok. So our production team has been using a pickup truck and a minivan to accommodate all of our different productions. The shoots have gotten larger, we have added a ton of new gear, but the cars have always stayed the same. It's time for a change.

We just picked up a Ford Transit 350 to build out. The question for us is how do we outfit it? After careful consideration, we have added 2 sets of shelves, some wall mounted E-track and a floor mounted E-track. We have a custom flag/bounce box being built and are looking forward to seeing this all come together.

Here are some photos of our work in progress.

Grip Shelving System
Sprinter Grip Shelves

Grip Setup Overview
Sprinter Grip Truck Setup

Keep an eye out for our 2 ton grip package cruising the mean streets of Las Vegas.