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So, here's the thing, most of the time, those little signs on the bottom of overpasses, tunnels, bridges, parking garage entrances, etc. can be ignored... but sometimes they shouldn't be. For instance, if you're in a tall truck, if you play in the NBA, or maybe you're on a pogo stick, you'd probably want to proceed with caution. When you're in a vehicle that's tall, make sure to know just how tall it is, so that you know if it's safe to proceed past low hanging obstacles and barriers. We saw this truck recently that did not check all the stats before proceeding...


For your convenience, here is our most up-to-date list of clearance levels for some of the properties on Vegas Blvd.
Wynn: 8'2"
Caesars: 6'8"
Mandalay Bay: 7'2"
Rio: 7'6"
Cosmopolitan: 8'2"
MGM Conference Center: 8'8"
Aria: 7'6"
Bellagio 7'6"
Venetian: 6'8" (Easy access oversized lot adjacent)
Palazzo: 7"
Mirage: 6'10"

Best of luck.