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Did you know up to 70% of the population are visual learners.  They learn better by watching, by seeing things done rather than learning through reading or being told.  Even with all of the technology available to companies and businesses, most training is still done by a handbook, by written material in hard copy or taught verbally by an instructor or teacher.  This means that most training is being done inadequately and inefficiently.

What does this mean?  It means money is being wasted.  That is something that haunts all businesses.

Video training can not only describe how to do something, it can show it as well, making the connection for trainees that much better.  Better yet, have the video available to them on-line and they can return or re-watch sections in order to make sure to get it done right.  The cost is up front in the production and that's what managers and owners tend to see.  But what is the cost of retraining someone or the cost of  man hours needed to correct a mistakes or potentially losing a customer because it wasn't done right the first time due to ineffective training procedures.  Ouch.

Everyone should take a look into video training to see if it's a fit for their business.  Chances are, not only will it help the bottom line in the long run but  new employees will hit the ground running instead of tripping over themselves.

By the way, we do great training videos and somehow make them all a whole lot of fun.