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Video Contests Serve a Real Purpose, #videoproduction, @videocontests

Who doesn't love a good contest?  I see this more and more where corporations and companies are deciding to turn to the public for advertising ideas by holding video contests, with cash prizes.  What they are hoping for is hundreds of good ideas that promote their product or service while using the contest as a marketing tool to help get those messages out.  It's actually a great way if they don't have the budget to head to an ad agency or production company to come up with creative ideas and execute on them.  We haven't entered any of these contest but I think it might be a fun way to entertain new production techniques and ideas in real situations.  When we have the time, it could be a good exercise, especially for those in training or looking to gain some experience.  There are a few good websites to check out that put together lists of all the contests.  Try  Good luck!