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FiveSix Returns Some "R"s

Last week, FiveSix Productions found a large amount of unused "R"s, that's right, the letter. We too thought it was strange, but we knew just what to do with them. We took them to Boston, Massachusetts, where they're constantly having to say words without them! We were shooting with one of our favorite clients anyway, so we thought, throw them in with the cameras and lights, and let's do some charity work.

From the Boston Common to Fenway Pahk, we retu-ned so many aws, we felt wicked smawht. We even had the chance to visit some of the smawhtties ovah at MIT, wheh they weh doing math, with big numbahs. We weh also able to check out some historical (that R was still in Boston) sights and have a beah at the Sox game.

So, hopefully now that Boston has all their "R"s back, they will be happier than evah. (Oops, maybe we gave them one too many.)