Avid Editing

The digital master

As I am sitting here mastering our latest video (again), I can't help but reflect on the days of old. My mind takes me back to a day when we would master all of our videos to tape. 

Now I would never want to turn back the clock. I can shoot 6k footage on a solid state drive with our red dragon. I have a 4k drone that I can fly around the house on weekends. Who wants to go back to the big bulky decks and cameras? Not I.

But in this instance, while mastering version 12-b, a simple little title change has caused us to restart the process. A half hour export, followed by a 10 minute encode, followed by a 10 minute upload. I realized, gone are the days of the insert edit. As we embrace all of this new technology and efficiency I can't help but think this would have been a 30 second edit to my betasp master. 

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