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FiveSix Productions Walks the Magenta Carpet

Over the past week, FiveSix has sent crews to the T-Mobile Arena, and around the Vegas Strip for all the festivities surrounding the 2016 Billboard Music Awards. From rehearsals by the likes of Fifth Harmony and DNCE, to international television channels covering the show, to the red (well, magenta) carpet and beyond, FiveSix shot like we were playing "Duck Hunt" on the original Nintendo. We had the pleasure of fully immersing ourselves in the show from start to finish, and really felt like we got to experience the enormity of such a show. We always appreciate our clients that come to town and allow us be a part of such fun events and festivities, and we always try to deliver on our promise of quality and dependability. If you're in need of Las Vegas video production services, give us a shout, and we'll be happy to try and give you more than you thought possible.

Side note: we are definitely, not the type of people who put the gun up to the screen for accuracy... unless there's a chance we'll lose. If you'd like to play (not on company time!) go here: