The Best Choice for Your Next Meeting or Convention

FiveSix Productions has logged many hours, and exponentially more footsteps in a vast swath of convention and meeting halls. We pride ourselves on knowing the ins and outs of all those coffee-chugging, break-out session loving, swag-grabbing conventions and conferences. Whether we're posted up on a Spider Pod with a wicked smooth servo lens in the back of a break-out room like a majestic Blue-Throated Macaw, or silently capturing all the inspiring and exciting moments of a general session/show floor like an adorable and elusive Fennec Fox, we set out to make all of our clients dreams come true. And, we don't stop at breath-taking cinematography, we have audio skills that would make Beethoven tap his foot, producers who would make Mel Brooks stand and applaud, editors who construct stories that make Seven King look like a two-bit hack. We do session records, man on the street, green screens, white screens, no screens, and yes, so, so much more. Yes, from Long Beach, California, all the way out to fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, if you have a convention video that needs to be done right, you just pick up that phone and call FiveSix Productions, the best and let us take it from there.

Spider Pod = Super Duper

The first of two Spider Pod TR2SP2 sets has arrived, and we couldn't be more giddy (we're skirting school girl status). This awesome bit of amazing consists of independent tripod riser and operator platform. That they're separated means that operator movement, chuckling, or coughing won't result in a shaky image- which is awesome when you're 150mm deep in the back of a frigged ballroom. The riser can hold up to 200 lbs (so you can totz rent F11's RED Epic), and the platform can hold up to 300 lbs (more tacos, less gym), however, together they weigh only 42 lbs (all the tacos, none of the gym!). Our vatos at F11 Rentals have one in stock, and a second one available in just a couple days. So, make your client ultra stoked and save the money you would've spent on those over-priced house-risers, and go with this nifty diddy.