The Three Best Cameras for Convention Coverage

Whether you find yourself in one of the expansive convention centers in Long Beach, Los Angeles, or Anaheim, or in one of the gargantuan convention spaces in Las Vegas, the right gear is crucial to getting the best end product. You'll most likely find yourself focusing on a few staples of convention/trade shows, depending on the client. So what are the three best cameras we would recommend for filming conventions?

If you're shooting with an exhibitor/vendor who has a booth and reps there, you'll most likely be filming their booth, showing off how amazing and unique it is, spotlighting any new products and cool demonstrations they have, filming any special guests, and helping to create online marketing content. You'll no doubt be interviewing sales associates, managers, and various other company employees; you'll also be trying to get man-on-the-street style interviews and soundbites with attendees. With this kind of shoot, you're more likely to be able to have a "base of operations", so you don't have to be so run-and-gun with your gear. Here, I'd recommend the Canon C300 Mark II, you have the ability to shoot all the way up to true-4K, for a really beautiful, functional image. While carrying multiple lenses can be cumbersome, the quality of glass, functionality, and variety will really expand your creativity and range. This is an exceptional camera that provides versatility, functionality, and world-class imagery.

Let's say you find yourself shooting for a client that may be exhibiting, or maybe they're from a trade publication of sorts, and your mission is to get general coverage of the show, and to interview and showcase other companies that may be friends and associates. The name of the game at that point is: RUN AND GUN! You need to be mobile, light weight, and all encompassing. If you've ever been to Times Square, Disneyland in the summer, or any Starbucks when I'm running late to work, you'll have an idea of what it's like at shows such as CES, SEMA, and NAB. Despite science, you have less space to exist in than the area your mass occupies. So, add a camera and hopefully tripod to that, and... well... godspeed. Here, I'd recommend the trusty Sony PMW300. As long as you don't need to shoot 4K, you'll get a great 1920x1080 image that'll look great online, and is easy to work with in post. The camera isn't heavy, it's menu is easy to navigate, and the best part, you have a zoom lens and servo. This camera does have a small plate that extends to give you a bit of a shoulder mount, but it's recommended to have a compact tripod or proper hand held rig.

Lastly: maybe you're a lone-wolf. Let's say you have a blog about something great, and Trade-Show X comes into town, and you just have to go check it out, and get some great video coverage. You don't want to lug around a big camera, you don't want to spend all your beer money on gear, and you really only need some highlights. Here, I have three, low-cost, light weight, compact options that'll do the trick. The Canon 5D Mark II or Sony a7S with a good zoom lens would do great for video and photos! You can also opt for the DJI Osmo which will give you a great, HD image, smooth moves, and won't get you chased out by grumpy exhibitors, because you'll look like every other attendee.

There you have it, the best of the best. If you have an upcoming shoot, reach out to the fellas over at f11 Rentals, and they'll get you set up with the perfect gear for your upcoming shoot. Or, if you'd prefer to have us take care of your Las Vegas video production or Long Beach video production, we're glad to help too!

Time For a Time Lapse

FiveSix Productions has been exploring the world of time lapse photography to add some extra pizzazz to some of our recent projects.

With the help of some add-ons to our Edelkrone Slider Plus, we've been putting our Canon 5D Mark II to good use. We've added the Edelkrone Action Module and Target Module to our Slider Plus to create precise, calculated, and oh-so-smooth moves. Both devices have been created to make time lapse photography both easy and worry free; the math is done by the modules, so all you have to do is tell it what you want, and away it goes. This all equates to less time doing terrifying mathematics, and more time on our favorite subject: photos of baby animals on Instagram! We were recently at ConExpo-Con/AGG, and are excited to get our gear out to some more exciting Las Vegas video production gigs.

motion control timelapse

time lapse setup

FiveSix Productions at the Lucky Dragon

FiveSix Productions had the pleasure of seeing the shiny, new Lucky Dragon Hotel and Casino here in Las Vegas last week, the day before it opened to the public. Along with our pals over at Jib Tek, we were able to highlight some of the new toys that patrons will be able to enjoy. We had a great time utilizing our DJI Ronin and the fan favorite Dana Dolly, coupled with our Sony a7S and Canon C300 Mark II (respectively). Make sure to swing by this new joint, which features many authentic Chinese table games and restaurants, and certainly didn't disappoint our crew. Whatever your Las Vegas video production needs, make sure to give us a shout, and we'll be happy to help.




Something Mysterious

There have been recent... bizarre sightings in Las Vegas lately- and no, I'm not talking about the GOP or DNC's Presidential hopefuls (though, they are a couple bizarre characters). 84.9% of land in Nevada is owned by the federal government, and Lord knows what they do with it; but just as in Arizona and New Mexico, rumors of flying saucers, aliens, military tests, etc., constantly abound. Add to all of this, the craziness of the "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" m.o. that we have going here, and you can imagine all the interesting and intriguing things that pop up from time to time. One such photo hit my desk over the weekend.


Of course, my first reaction was- Metro must be grilling some punk from EDC. Then I thought, no... no that's not it, he's wearing a suit. So, then I thought, the FBI is interrogating some international motorcycle gang leader who is trying to establish roots here in the casinos or entertainment industry. But that doesn't make sense, there's no bike in the photo. So, then I went where I should have from the beginning, it's an alien. That made the most sense when I got the second photo, which clearly shows a statue of what must be his idol, Boba Fett, just over his shoulder.


Time will tell if we're about to be invaded and most likely enslaved- seems like Will Smith should have come back for the sequel. Well, I'm going to go pack a suitcase and get ready to escape to the hills. Godspeed to all my Las Vegas video production friends... even the Canadians, I guess.

Oh, if you have further questions, maybe this man can help:
Clayton Moore

The Edelkrone SliderPLUS

Having a dolly or slider on set can make a world of difference in the overall value of your production; sometimes, however, there is not enough time, space, or budget to allow for such things- enter the Edelkrone SliderPLUS. The Edelkrone SliderPLUS utilizes ingenious technology and design to give you a full-size slider effect in only half the space. The SliderPLUS uses a built in dolly along with retractable rails to literally double the usable slide space- all in a portable, easy to use tool. We love this product and use it constantly, especially for b-roll and whenever we travel. The SliderPLUS easily supports our Canon 5D Mark II, as well as our Sony a7S, and can even handle a fully outfitted Canon C300 with no problems. Again, we here at FiveSix Production cannot recommend this product enough, and suggest you rent one from our friends at F11 Rentals for your next video shoot here in Las Vegas, or wherever your production takes you.