Filming the Future of Solar Energy

Renewable energy is no longer some crazy, hippie-concocted, science fiction, nonsense. No, no, it's real; and here in the desert southwest, we're all about it. From the mighty Hoover Dam, to the sprawling wind-farms in Southern California, and the hi-tech solar plants scattered throughout the Mojave, Great Basin, and Sonoran deserts- it's all the rage. Don't get me wrong, there's something special about looming Nuclear-cooling towers, and those gorgeous, billowing black clouds from "clean" coal, but all natural is just a bit more comfortable. We had the great privilege of working with the brainiacs over at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and their solar department; those smarties are hard at work making solar more productive financially, less destructive environmentally, and totally, totally popular amongst the "in crowd". Despite scorching summer heat coupled with the lovely Monsoon-season humidity, our Las Vegas video production team got the shots we needed to make a really terrific piece of cinematic magic.

Remember Captain Planet!?

If you're old (or young) enough, you may remember Captain Planet, the lovable blue superhero who saved lives and the world week after week. Well, in that spirit, we're in on saving the world too, and what better place to start than the environment. FiveSix Productions recently ventured out to the Nevada/California state line, where solar power is all the rage. A brand new, state of the art solar plant just opened in Primm, NV, and we were there to capture all the festivities. State and local leaders were joined by solar power business leaders, and even Bureau of Land Management folks, for some speeches, ribbon cutting, and touring- all to celebrate progress in clean energy, local economy, and more. It was our pleasure to be a part of the historical event. We're busy as ever, so we're off to our next Las Vegas video production gig. Later!