Time Constraints #HurryUp #TimeConstraints

Working with time constraints can be very frustrating and difficult; the chances for mistakes multiply exponentially the faster the crew has to work, which adds stress and concern to all involved. One of the worst feelings on set is falling so far behind that you don't think you can catch up, and thus, you feel like you're making a lot of errors along the way.

Typically, shoots are scheduled on a pretty tight timetable as time is money; however, sometimes poor execution and/or unforeseen circumstances can take what was a well planned and scheduled shoot, and turn it into a problem-filled mess. The best advice which seems to go hand in hand with common sense is pre-production! Plan, plan, plan, and take it seriously. If you feel like you're beating a dead horse, you're doing it right. You can never be too prepared for anything, especially with video production in Las Vegas; also take into consideration everything you think could go wrong.

Unfortunately, you'll never be fully prepared for everything, and we're not all as amazing as Captain Hindsight; but the more you plan and try, the better you'll be. Also, keep a cool head on set, panicking only makes things worse, and spooks those dead horses.