Something to Make You Feel Microscopic

NASA, (Nebraska Association of Science Association- I think) isn't just fancy suits and zero-gravity pens, they're also in the picture takin' business, and cousin, business is a boomin'! This is a little late, but with all that government red tape, I'd actually say, this is right on time. Way back in 2015, before a single human set foot on the moon, NASA went and took their fancy ol' Hubble Telescope, and fired off 411 photos of our nearest, and dearest neighbor, the Andromeda Galaxy. They then took all those photos, and stitched them together into a beautiful tapestry, and came out with a 1,500,000,000 pixel photograph- the largest ever. To get a sense of how large, I urge you to watch this video full-screen, on the largest screen you can find- air play this puppy right onto your television. As you pan across the hundreds of millions of stars, take a pause every once an a while, and experience the full spectrum of just how dang big this photo is, and just how gargantuan the universe is, and just how itty-bitty you are. So, when you think "Man, I wish Starbucks wasn't so far way...", it really isn't. Oh.... hire us for your next Las Vegas video production or Long Beach video production- we're the best at it.

Hot Enough to Destroy Cameras

"Yay", saith the Lord, "Ye shall be struck down by the fires of the sun and the molten liquid of all the volcanoes of Earth, and I shall smite ye at the Linq in Las Vegas." This is a snapshot of one of our recent shoots here in Sin City. FiveSix Productions had the dubious pleasure of losing a whole lot of water weight, and some brain cells while shooting some exciting events at the Linq promenade and the backlot at Hard Rock Hotel. Even though there was little to no shade, we pushed our gear, and ourselves to the limit. There's a reason for internal fans in C300 Mark IIs, and a reason for bottle-after-bottle of refreshing H2O- it's so we can power through and deliver the best product we can. We were treated to some pretty cool art by renowned graffiti artist Guy Ellis (aka Dcypher) a dance tutorial by social media influencer Corey Scherer, and a concert by Flo Rida. There of course was more action, but I'm still tending to my sun burn, so, I'll leave it there, and go get some more aloe. If you find yourselves in need of the best Las Vegas video production company, and feel like making sure I'm tan till I'm 80, give FiveSix Productions a ring, and we'll grab our shades and sombreros.

Mathematics Infiltrate Our World

Mathematics are terrifying, there's all those numbers and letters and symbols... It gives me the night sweats just thinking about it. Photographers and cinematographers are artists, and last time I checked, there isn't a lot of long division involved in finger painting; however, despite being artists, we should understand the science and mathematics behind what we do so we don't look like a bunch of phony-bologna, amateurs. Our good friend, and rock star DP, Clayton Moore (CMDP), talks a whole lot of crazy about footcandles, lux, lumen, watts, etc., and normally it's a "smile and nod" situation, but perhaps he's on to something. I was on the youtube getting my morning fill of puppies and otters when I came across a video about the Inverse Square Law; now, don't get me started on how dull, and horrible that sounded, but I accidentally clicked the link, so I was in for the long haul. For those of you who don't know, you're lucky, it's horrible, useless knowledge that is in no way practical or worth 15 seconds of your time. If you however, enjoy punishment, you can watch this video and learn all about how lighting works over distance. Believe me though, I guarantee no one in Hollywood or New York gives it a second thought.