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FiveSix Productions Enjoys America's Pastime!

Recently, FiveSix Productions had the opportunity to get out to the ol' ball game here in Las Vegas! Our crew followed one of the Las Vegas 51's outfielders from the time he left his house, and all the way through the game, documenting "a day in the life". We were able to interview a couple of his fellow big-league teammates, and film them as they put the smack down on a team from Texas. There was some good hitting, running, and catches as we created what most certainly will be an awesome bit of baseball magic, hopefully, worthy of "Field of Dreams". After some hard work, we were even able to enjoy some hotdogs, peanuts and cracker-jacks, just for good measure. We are keeping our fingers crossed that come next spring, we'll be back at it on the diamond. On to our next Las Vegas video production!