Diffusion- Ikea Style

Some of the most useful pieces of gear in the grip and lighting department are flags, scrims, bounce boards, and diffusion; however, they can be somewhat cumbersome to schlep around, especially if you're on the move. To follow up with the creative flagging piece, I would like to introduce you to a friend of ours... A great alternative to a full load of flags, bounce, and diffusion is an amazing product from Matthews Studio Equipment called Road Rags. Road Rags are compact, portable flags and diffusion that transform in an instant; they're easy to build and easy to package back up. There are single, double and triple black and white bobinett available for diffusing light without changing the color- and they're flame retardant, which is great for not burning the joint down! Matthews also offers black and white silks in three different forms for bounce and diffusion services; the China silk is not flame retardant or self extinguishing... so we might be burning it all down. Lastly, there are gold, silver, and checker board lames for balling out and reflecting beautiful light; these are self extinguishing, so flame on!

Enough of my rambling, check out the product here, order yourself a set, you won't ragret it- nope, not even one little letter.