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Attack of the Drones #Drones #FilmingWithDrones #Awesomeness

Long ago, in a galaxy far far away...

There is unrest in the production company. A swelling desire to film from the sky persists. Until now, only a twelve foot jib or a one-time throwing of the camera into the air would allow for beautiful over-heads.

Enter the DJI Inspire 1. Equipped with a 4K camera, optional dual-operator control, and a universe of awesomeness, the Inspire 1 can take on any task, from sweeping panoramic shots to battles with TIE Fighters.

This work of art that can surely be put on the same platform as say, a Millennium Falcon, will further enhance the FiveSix arsenal, and add another dimension to the Las Vegas video production world, as well as the Las Vegas production gear rental sphere.

May the force, and drones, be with you.


Six Channels of Awesome!!! #LasVegasVideoProduction #LasVegasAudio #AudioMixer #SoundsLikeLoveFeels

FiveSix Productions recently made a massive upgrade to it's audio department with the procurement of a Sound Devices 664 six-channel audio mixer. This state of the art audio mixer immediately doubles the workload capability of any other mixer in FiveSix' arsenal, and enables FiveSix to take on larger, more challenging audio tasks without outsourcing, therein strengthening the team as a whole. The primary feature is not the ability to record up to sixteen channels (with a future upgrade), but rather, to record sound internally, which provides liberty not yet experienced within the FiveSix realm.

FiveSix Productions has been consistently and successfully moving towards being one of the best and most sought after video production companies in Las Vegas. The addition of not only more equipment, but better quality equipment, not only enables FiveSix to provide everything a client needs, but also provides a Las Vegas video equipment rental solution for production audio, video, and more.

Don't stop believing, hold on to that feeling.