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NBA Summer League at Intrigue Nightclub in Las Vegas.

NBA Summer League in Las Vegas.

Every July, "The Association" (the National Basketball Association), descends on Las Vegas, Nevada for the NBA Summer League. This eleven-day tournament gives teams the opportunity to evaluate their young players before the regular season begins in the fall. The action doesn't stop at the Thomas & Mack Center at UNLV, the event spreads all over town. FiveSix Productions had the opportunity, once again, to film two episodes of  the television show Open Court at Intrigue Nightclub at the Wynn Resort. Open Court always provides an exciting shooting scenario, with unique challenges and experiences. We always love packing our grip van as full as possible, and seeing how creative we can get. Our staff and amazing freelancers did a great job, and we can't wait to do it again next year. If you need the best Las Vegas video production company, look no further than FiveSix Productions.

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Canon 5D Mark IV

New Canon 5D Mark IV!

Canon 5D Mark IV.

The Canon 5D Mark IV line of DSLRs from Canon is one of their finest product lines. The newest edition is the 5D Mark IV, and it definitely doesn't disappoint. Our 5D Mark II was a great camera, and we definitely had some amazing times together, like that one-time lapse we did, or that time we took a bunch of great still images. Alas, the gods didn't see fit for us to be together forever- as it was stolen away by a thief in the night.

We found the courage to put the broken pieces of our hearts back together, and upgrade to a 30.4 Megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, with a DIGIC 6+ image processor. Our fingertips have found warmth on the 3.2" touchscreen LCD monitor with 1.62m-Dot resolution. We have found renewed purpose knowing that the Mark IV records DCI 4K video at 30fps, and provides 8.8MP still grabs.

The Mark II definitely left a hole in our hearts, but, with time, the Mark IV can perhaps fill that void with its awesomeness. It's already on its way to film in the beautiful and mysterious state of Michigan, childhood home of Dumb and Dumber co-star Jeff Daniels. We hope we can be a part of your next Las Vegas video production and Long Beach video production soon.

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Gigantic, fire-breathing Praying Mantis!

Las Vegas, if you've ever heard of it, is a pretty neat place; there's nice weather, plenty of great out-door activities, lots of entertainment, and a really good cinnamon roll place on the west side of town called "Cinnaholic". There's also this wonderful and ... eclectic... little place called Fremont Street East, it's a magic place filled with a tapestry of things that hipsters like. I'm no hipster, but I say, to each their own; it's good those folks have something special. Anyhoo, FiveSix Productions recently got to do an early morning shoot on Fremont Street where "old Las Vegas" mixes with the new. There's iconic hotels such as the 75+ year old El Cortez, and a gigantic, fire-breathing Praying Mantis near the relatively young, Container Park. The old architecture, glowing neon, and local art that adorns the buildings, all mix together to create a great environment to capture some really beautiful images. For your next Las Vegas video production, consider getting away from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas Blvd., and head on down to downtown and Fremont Street; and, hey, if you need a helping hand, give FiveSix Productions a call, we'll be happy to join you.

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Commercial Video Production

Our take on Commercial Video Production...

We've all been there, relaxing in our homes, watching the latest episode of Dancing With The... watching the latest episode of Trading Spaces... Chopped... Keeping Up With.... Damn. Okay. We've all been there, relaxing in our homes, watching football and feeding our pet bald eagle, George Washington Roosevelt Elway, and an advertisement comes on, and the blood begins to boil. How can some commercials look great, and some look like train wrecks!? I don't know about you, but one of my favorite activities when I'm in another town, is to watch local commercials, and totally rag on citizens of that town or city for how crappy their Chevy dealership spots are. You may think to yourself "Dang Jim, he's right; why does that crazy old guy from the car dealership/dentist/pawn shop keep making these horrible, commercials?" I'd rather spend 30-45 seconds having a snapping turtle go to town on my hamstring, than experience one more awful jingle being played over poorly lit, shot, and edited commercial about how "We're extending our Halloween Super Sale, and our prices on new and used Ford Pintos won't be beaten! Also, you can get a free root canal with every purchase, now through President's Day!"

There is a solution to this madness. Hire a video production company that knows what they're doing. A company with accredited, experienced, award-winning crew members who can take your precious advertising budget, and deliver the best possible product. We here at FiveSix Productions know just how important it is to make sure that you have an effective, visually appealing commercial. One that represents the product you work so very hard to produce. From the inception of concept through the final edit, our team will work tirelessly to deliver way above your expectations, on time and on budget, whether you're a startup making a local spot, or a Fortune 500 needing a national commercial. Whether in Las Vegas, Long Beach, or a far away land, FiveSix Productions wants to be your commercial video production company.

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Happy Seis de Mayo Eve!

Early May is a festive time for us here at FiveSix Productions. Sure, we're neck deep in projects, but that doesn't stop us from celebrating three consecutive days of fun. From May the Fourth Be With You day, through the festive remembrance of the Mexican's victory over the French at Puebla, and on to our favorite holiday, 5/6 Day- we're having a ball!

Although, we here at FiveSix staunchly stand with the Empire against those terrorist Rebels; and know in our heart that Vader fully intended to throw Luke, not the Emperor over that hand rail- we celebrate with glee and optimism. I think that Mr. Ren is a perfect example of the hope we have for the Empire getting things back under control... anyone who is awesome enough to take care of that piratical, criminal Han Solo, is a friend in my book. Furthermore, let me tell you something about the Battle of Puebla... what would you rather have, delicious churro or unsatisfying croissant? I rest my case. Lastly, FiveSix Day is a benchmark day in which we get to rewrap cables, organize screws by size and ware, and reflect silently in a darkened studio about the decisions we've made in the last 365 days. This year, we are exceptionally lucky in that it comes on a Saturday, not that we need an excuse to come to work on the weekend, but this just makes it that much sweeter.

And so, I leave you with all the splendor that May 4th through the 6th brings, and implore you to reach out to FiveSix Productions for all of your Las Vegas video production needs.

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FiveSix Productions "Respects the machines"...

FiveSix Productions isn't just raw talent and rippling muscles, we also have oversized brains, oozing thoughts, emotions, and interests. One of our favorite clients put us on to a cool Instagram page that fell in line with some of our interests: awesome machines and gadgets. Veloxmachina by Garrett Lai is chop full of amazing gadgets and gizmos, and is sure to have you following and double tapping till your fingers fly off. Luckily, if your fingers do fly off, there's most likely a device on veloxmachina that can help with that. So, go check out his page, and let us know which one is your favorite, when we see you on your next Las Vegas video production.

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It's a Great Time to be Outside!

As you may or may not know, Las Vegas can get a little warm in the summer- if you consider over 100°F for weeks-on-end warm, that is. Well, we're not quite there yet, and the spring-time weather is wonderful! That's why we absolutely love to get outside for production work whenever we can! Recently, we had the opportunity to film at the Linq and High Roller, down on Las Vegas Boulevard, and we loved every moment. We of course don't shy away from the comforts of modern heating and air conditioning, but, any chance to breath deep that fresh-ish air of Vegas, we're all about it. See you soon on our next Las Vegas video production!

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FiveSix Productions Is Seeing Stars

Lately, FiveSix Productions has been seeing stars, and not just the twinkling ones overhead. "Mad Men" star Christina Hendricks, NBA legend and purported hand warmer Gary Payton, and more, have made their way in front of or near our lenses. We try not to become giddy school girls when such talented and fantastic folks enter our humble day-to-day, but there is admittedly, the occasional gasp or secret-photo grabbed. In our personal quests to become international movie stars and/or world-class professional athletes ourselves, we here at FiveSix Productions appreciate the exposure and learning opportunities provided by such folk. Undoubtedly, here in fantastic Las Vegas, there will be plenty more opportunities to mix and mingle with the stars, as we continue on our Las Vegas video production journey.

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FiveSix ProductionsFIVESIX Productions

FiveSix ProductionsFIVESIX Productions

FiveSix Productions Tangos with Cinebags

FiveSix Productions has a soft spot for the folks over at Cinebags; their line of production bags not only protects and serves our precious gear, it also looks great while doing it!

Recently, FiveSix Productions had the opportunity to work with Cinebags on a new set of videos to showcase their awesome line of products, and we had a blast doing it. It was great to break out the Dana Dolly, and some of our specialty lenses, and really get our creative minds working. Coupled with some dope beats and fat tracks, and there's no way these videos will be anything less than spectacular. For your next Las Vegas video production, or anywhere you want to take our gear, you'll be shooting with the finest, and carrying it in style- Cinebags' motto is "Life on Location", and we here at FiveSix Productions want to help you get there.

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Remember Captain Planet!?

If you're old (or young) enough, you may remember Captain Planet, the lovable blue superhero who saved lives and the world week after week. Well, in that spirit, we're in on saving the world too, and what better place to start than the environment. FiveSix Productions recently ventured out to the Nevada/California state line, where solar power is all the rage. A brand new, state of the art solar plant just opened in Primm, NV, and we were there to capture all the festivities. State and local leaders were joined by solar power business leaders, and even Bureau of Land Management folks, for some speeches, ribbon cutting, and touring- all to celebrate progress in clean energy, local economy, and more. It was our pleasure to be a part of the historical event. We're busy as ever, so we're off to our next Las Vegas video production gig. Later!