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FiveSix Productions Agrees to Disagree

Yesterday, Las Vegas was the center of the American Political Future! The two candidates for POTUS exchanged verbal and psychological fisticuffs last night over at the Thomas and Mack Center on the campus of UNLV, and FiveSix Productions had crews about the town covering all the angles. From "Public Expression Zones" on campus, to Las Vegas Boulevard, and even a Debate Watch Party over at the Palazzo, we were there to drink it all in. We didn't mind all the road closures and traffic associated with the event, as we're easily distracted by shiny things and colors; and with all the shiny police cars, badges, red and blue flashing lights, and lovely secret service and FBI all over the place, we had plenty to look at. Our only sadness comes with the fact that we can't do it again today, and we'll have to wait another four years to even have a chance; we just hope Las Vegas did a good enough job to merit such a treat. We are strong in our convictions however, and we're trudging forward with heads held high, onto our next, exciting, Las Vegas video production gig. Go 'merica!


FiveSix ProductionsFIVESIX Productions

Production Value: Upgraded!

One of the absolute, best ways to upgrade and boost your projects' production value is to have wicked awesome b-roll. When you're here in Sin City, one of the most sought after b-roll subjects is the exciting, colorful, world famous, Las Vegas Strip. It's sometimes difficult logistically to get down to the strip to shoot, especially at night, and it's even more difficult to get time lapses. To remedy this speed bump, we sent a shooter out, and he came back with some awesome stuff. This is available to any client as a great add-on to your next Las Vegas video production.

Here are some samples of some of the footage we have filmed here on Las Vegas Boulevard.