Dana Dolly Review

Dana Dolly: Smooth Moves and Flexability #DanaDolly #SmoothMove #FilmGear

FiveSix Productions recently acquired at very cool, new tool for our arsenal that once again adds big tool/big budget features and abilities in a manageable size and for our Las Vegas Video Production team.

The Dana Dolly enables traditional dolly moves with equipment that is a fraction of the size, utilizing a fraction of the space. Now, before anyone gets too excited, there of course are limitations to the Dana Dolly that a traditional dolly wouldn't encounter. There is a weight limit for cameras on the Dana Dolly, a traditional dolly may be able to allow for more maneuverability of the camera on the mount (if it is equipped with a hydraulic arm that can raise and lower), and with the Dana Dolly, the operator can't switch sides mid shot, should that need arise. However, the Dana Dolly can hold up to 100lbs of camera, there certainly is a fair amount of maneuverability with the Dana Dolly's heads and attachments, and finally, there shouldn't be too many instances where the op wouldn't be able to get the shot from one side of the track. On top of all of that, the Dana Dolly can be positioned much more liberally and creatively compared to a very large and cumbersome cinedolly.

There are many different dollies of varying size, dimensions, uses, and more; the best thing is to buy what is going to be most practical and affordable for your most common needs. Having a dolly on set can add a really wonderful touch to any shoot, especially when doing pick-up shots during an interview, and it's a dream to have for b-roll.

If you are interested in renting a Dana Dolly, or full size cinedolly, our friends at F11 Rentals have both to accommodate your needs.