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FiveSix Productions Chills on the Block, with Jenny.

Over the weekend, FiveSix Productions took the opportunity to kick it with Jenny from the block. JLo, who's giving anyone willing to pay, all she has, is at Planet Hollywood here in Las Vegas, and she had some nice things to say about the team of men and women who are putting on her show. We cranked up our trusty LED light panels to full blast, and let our reliable Canon C300 roll for an exciting 45 seconds of grandeur. Once she nailed her line in one take (like a boss), she was on to hand shakes, hugs, and pictures with droves of her fanatic fans, and our lights were right there for all the action. We're off to find a mid-day karaoke bar, where we can belt out our best rendition of some of her hits, before heading off to our next Las Vegas video production gig.