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FiveSix Chills with the Canadian Michael Jordan

Last week, FiveSix Productions did a little audio mixing and provided some grip gear to a friendly (of course) group of Canadians on a shoot with the one, the only, Wayne Gretzky. If you don't know who the Gretz is, that's okay guy, weird, but okay. Wayne Gretzky is one of the greatest hockey players in history, and along with Maple Syrup, Ryan Reynolds, and their border with us, is a national treasure. The voice of the biscuit master and purported Moose Whisperer was strong and pure, and our grip gear kept the lights and green screen in place, buddy. All in all, life was good, and we made a whole bunch of new fwiends, okay guy. So soorry, time to get back on set, L.A. waits for no one. Until next time, keep your edges sharp, eh? God save the Queen.