Live Event Video Production

While FiveSix Productions is known for our exceptional commercial and web videos, one sometimes overlooked area is our ability to aid in live event video production. Our experienced crews craft up industry-leading content to be played at your event, but we also have talented, experienced crew to aid during your event. Whether you need man on the street interviews of event goers, recordings of break out sessions, general sessions, happy face videos, or just gear to accomplish these tasks, we here at FiveSix Productions have what you need. We pride ourselves on being the best video production company in Long Beach, Orange County, Southern California and Las Vegas, and we are focused on make sure that you, our clients get more than you expected.

Along with our staff members, we have accumulated a long and distinguished list of freelance cinematographers, camera operators, audio technicians, grips, PA's, and on-site editors that will make sure that every aspect of your live event video production is perfect. Give us a call today, and let us know what you have planned for your next trip to the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center, the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Anaheim Convention Center, or one of the many, many convention and meeting centers in the Las Vegas metro area.

Stoked For The New Year!

Now that the holiday decorations are put away, the confetti has been swept away, and the last of the sparkling cider has been sipped, it's time to get back to the fun and adventure that is Las Vegas video production! One of our favorite times of year is the winter and spring, as it brings great trade shows like CES 2017 to town. The fun doesn't stop at trade shows though, now that the kiddo's are back to the class room, mom and dad are back to getting some work done, and that means we have work too! We're excited to see what the new year will bring us, and we sure can't wait to reconnect with all our great clients and production contemporaries, as well as meet some new faces. So, don't hesitate to reach out for any project you need help with, and we will see you on set, real soon!

Green Screen Season!

Even though the autumn busy season is considerably shorter than the spring busy season, that doesn't mean we don't get our fair share of green screen shoots.

This week, we were deep into the "World of Watson" convention at the Mandalay Bay Resort here in Vegas. We have green screen crews, white screen crews, ENG and man-on-the-street, all doing their thing, making video magic. Lighting a green screen correctly takes more than a smile and wink, that's why we make sure to bring our best grip and lighting folks to help us deliver a superb product. If your Las Vegas video production leaves you needing any of the aforementioned, give us a shout, and we'll be happy to help.


Seeing green during NAB 2016

Every year we are asked what our favorite booth at NAB was. The truth is we haven't been there in years. It always winds up that we have our corporate green screen setup at some location other than the convention center. This year our crews have taken over the Venetian for the week. While we do love paying $40 for parking and fighting thru crowds of 100,000 people, it's probably better this way, if we were at NAB we would be doing some serious window shopping.


Wedding Season? I Prefer Trade Show Season!

What's better than crashing a wedding? Being invited, because then you know someone out there likes you. Wedding season is a great time of year; love is in the air, great parties, and gosh-o-golly, plenty of cake and champagne to go around! We here at FiveSix Productions in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada prefer the Trade Show/Convention season. Don't get us wrong, we can chicken dance with the best of them, handle our share of fruit punch, and we look pretty dapper in bow ties and top hats; but there is just something special about that trade floor.

The ol' trade floor. The crossroads of any good convention. It's where you get to mix and mingle and get your hands on a lot of free merch'! When we are contacted about shooting conventions and trade shows, we make sure we know just what we're getting into. Is this a fast paced, high tech trade show? Or, is this a trade show about knitting turtle neck sweaters for turtles? (Please, never underestimate the ruckus world of turtle turtle neck knitting- we've lost a lot of good men at those events...) When we send crew out on the show floor, they have to be quick, clever, and able to work well on the fly. There are hundreds, sometimes thousands of people all around, and they have to be able to adapt to any changes. They also, like with "man on the street" interviews, have to be compact.

Man on the street doesn't necessarily only happen on the street, it can happen on the trade floor, or in a hall way, heck, you may be interviewing a woman in a vestibule, it's all the same. This is the crew that is going to seek out convention goers and get those awesome, exciting, and totally radical sound clips from convention goers who are literally bursting with joy. You need a team that is clever, durable, and out going- no shy kids who aren't going to be able to get strangers to talk to the scary camera. You also need your camera man and audio guy (with boom, and handheld mic) to be compact. They want the least amount of gear needed to get the job done. Lugging 80lbs of gear sounds like fun, and believe you me, it is... but maybe there's a better way. Customer testimonials are very similar, though usually you're going for quality over quantity. When doing this, have a good cameraman with a good eye for framing and background. That ficus in the corner is great- but I think we all know I mean played out... Listen to that creative voice in your head and unleash your inner Scorsese.

That is not the case with the ever popular and important "Green screen interviews". This is where the heavy hitters come to be interviewed by the experienced director or producer. This is where you need a director, producer or two, you're going to need a couple camera operators who can stay focused, along with an experienced audio mixer who isn't afraid to place a lavaliere mic down a shirt or two. You're going to want at least one grip (multiple for set up and tear down), makeup artist, and a p.a. or two. If you're doing a marathon of interviews, it is highly recommended to have a media manager- they will save the day if they're worth their salt. Be wary however, as to whether you're shooting in a ballroom or a hotel room/suite- this changes the game as far as lighting, and amount of bodies you can have on hand. Here, more is more, and you want all the gear and crew you can afford and have- you're usually interviewing field experts, CEOs, and all forms of important folk- this needs to be knocked out of the park.

Finally, any good convention or trade show ends with a great party- and we here in Vegas know how to do just that. If you hire a Las Vegas video production company or crew, you'll be sure to be covered on all the best ways to get down and have a great shoot, and a great time.

Green Screen - Perfect for Corporate Video Production #greenscreen #videoproduction

St Patrick's Day, almost over, but I thought it might be a good time to talk about green screen.  The video equivalent of a blank slate oozing with imaginative possibilities.  Appropriate?  When most people think of green screens, they think of big budget movies where the actors are flying around, destroying things or doing unbelievable super acts in fantasy worlds.  They're used for that but they are used far more often in corporate video production and corporate storytelling than most people realize.  We do a good amount of corporate video production and there aren't too many weeks that go by where we aren't either shooting with a green screen or sending out an estimate for green screen production.

In Las Vegas, there are so many conventions coming through town and it's a great place for corporations to either show off products, grab customer testimonials or gather together executives to speak on camera.  Instead of using a boring convention room with blah coloring and no dimension, a green screen offers so many more options, it's tough to pass up.  We key out the green and boom, you're creativity runs wild but mostly simple wild, nothing crazy.  We have a few on hand from a simple pop out 6x6 to a paper roll 10 foot wide to a full on 10x20 wraparound fabric.  These can all be taken on location and built to whatever specs the client is looking for.  It's an effective and creative solution.

Green screen is not out of anyone's budget.  That's another misnomer that people tend to have.  It's an additional cost for sure but the quality and flexibility of post production because of it is far more valuable than saving a few dollars.  If for your next production you haven't thought about it, ask us about green screen and you'll be glad you have fun options to play with down the line.  If all else fails, you can always put the CEO talking about EBITDA in the middle of a corn field.

Now, in honor of St. Patrick's Day I leave you with one of my favorite themed commercials, even though it's a couple years old.