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The View is Unbelievable

Have you recently been wanting to explore the Grand Canyon, and many other national parks in Northern Arizona and Southern Utah, but you think, "Dang, that drive from Vegas is wicked far!"? Well, have we got a deal for you! FiveSix Productions recently teamed up with a great client based in Boulder City, and made them a fancy video celebrating their 90th anniversary! (You would never guess they're 90 year old just by looking at them.) Papillon, the world's largest aerial sightseeing company is turning 90 years old, and we got to interview some of the passionate and dedicated team members who make the company so popular and successful. From the state of the art terminal, to the control tower, and even inside the airplanes the tarmac, our cameras caught all the action as it was happening. We weren't able to catch a flight with them like I hoped, but once we catch a break from this non-stop Las Vegas video production world of ours, you better believe I'm going to find my way to the bottom of the Grand Canyon for sure!