A Day on the Links #HPX500 #ENGshooting #runandgun #fore!

FiveSix Productions recently spent a wonderful day on the links with the always rugged and dependable HPX 500, and a furry, Chipotle burrito inspired wind screen.

The HPX 500 is a wonderful ENG -centric camera that shoots brilliant, broadcast quality HD video, and is perfect for run and gun. The shoulder mounted design coupled with easy access menus and operating buttons/dials, and zoom lens makes this camera both versital and quintessential on any ENG type shoot.

Even on a windy day, with over a dozen interviews and pick-up b-roll, the camera allowed our crew an easy go of it; and our awesome wind screen made audio a breeze- the pun was definitely intended.

Our friends at F11 Rentals can help you get the HPX 500 and many more tools on your next shoot.