Totem Pole

The Base of the Totem Pole

Since joining FiveSix Productions, I have joked from time to time on gigs that I am the 'bottom of the totem pole'; i.e., I am the lowest position on the crew. These instances have primarily involved me working in the capacity of the infamous and dreadfully-uncreative production assistant; however, I have also acted as general help to any grips, audio technicians, camera folk, or anyone else with a shiny title. Once, I selflessly sacrificed mind and body to protect craft services from the sticky fingers and jiggling bellies of zombie-like convention goers at a Vegas convention hall.
On a few occasions, as if rising from the ashes of my own scorched, broken dreams, I have risen like a phoenix and held the illustrious title of audio mixer, editor, and camera op. On a job in Reno, a gracious director even allowed me the coveted prize of assisting him as Second Assistant Director where I directed talent during b-roll shots. It was as if Heaven itself had parted and Scorsese and Spielberg were there waiting to congratulate me on a job well done. (I realize they are still alive- but am sure they are welcome to come and go as they please.)

Despite my yearning for higher-level, creative, shiny-titled positions, it has been a very big blessing to have been a p.a., assistant to anyone, slash: anything else where I can remember my schooling, and learn new things about being on set and creating awesome videos. To anyone who is bummed about not working in the position they hope for right off the bat, I urge you to keep working hard at the position your given, learn as much as you can, and, most importantly, have a great attitude.
The guys here at FiveSix are awesome about teaching and bringing good spirited folks up the ranks with them as they develop. I am getting more and more opportunities to do fun jobs and show them my creativity and abilities learned along my production journey that I started way back at Full Sail.

Good luck my fellow, lowly minions! Keep that head up, and keep on working hard.