New Light Panels

We here at FiveSix Productions aren't so fancy that we can't appreciate the simple things in life. For example, we have acquired some new 1'x1' light panels that have us pretty stoked about life. Sure, a one-by LED light panel might seem like small potatoes compared to some lights, but for some of our jobs, it's just what the doctor ordered. Our old light panels worked fine for a while, but now they're mostly for weight lifting and staying fit; our new panels are light-weight, versatile, and captivating. The Genaray SpectroLED Essential 360 Bi-Color LED Light (that's a mouthful) fulfills all our light panel needs, in a compact, and easy to use package that has us with cards out, ready to buy more. These lights have a dial-in range of 3200-5600, wide-range dimmer, and you can use a battery or plug it in. No cto, tape, heavy lifting, sinking feeling of regrets, etc. have us all about this new panel, and we invite you to come aboard.