The Artist Series: Edward Burns #EdBurns #ActorDirector #LowBudgetFilmMaking

I recently read a book by director/actor Edward Burns that was pretty interesting and also, a bit inspiring. "Independent Ed" is an autobiographical account of Edwards' film making career from college till today; the central theme being the twelve days of filming of his first feature.

Ed Burns found his passion in the low budget, "close-to-home" Woody Allen films, as well as the great French and American film makers of the 40's, 50's, and 60's. The autobiography chronicles Burns' struggles with financing, production, and distribution of his films, as well as his battle to stay out of big-budget Hollywood. The book also looks at his surprisingly successful acting career, both in his own films (like Allen) and opposite huge names like Hanks, Hoffman, and Di Niro.

Throughout this artist series, I am going to present just a bit about a wide range of film and television folk who I find interesting, inspiring, or just, plain amazing. So, start off with Mr. Burns here, and more will follow. Happy filming!