las vegas video production

Think Outside the Box

Even when you think you've brought too much gear, and have items you'll never use for a particular shoot, there's always the chance unexpected challenges will arise. Last week, we were shooting a single talent, stand up, short script via teleprompter, and we were outside. The biggest hurdle seemed to be getting clean audio despite a busy roadway only fifty meters away, however, lighting ended up becoming a bit of a hurdle too. With the call time in the early afternoon, and photography not starting for a few hours later, we had to play with the sun sinking behind the nearby building. In order to incorporate a couple iconic resorts and the recognizable Spring Mountains in the background along with the busy local neighborhood, we were limited on adjustments we could make with camera and talent placement. A 6'x6' diffusion gave the talent a nice, soft wrap around light, but as the sun sank more and more, we weren't getting the fill light we were hoping for. Not having time to run power and do a proper lighting setup, our DP quickly had our 1-ton grip van pulled up to use as a bounce! The van is new, so it is still shiny and vibrant. This unconventional, but quick solution was just what the doctor ordered, and did a great job filling in light. We set up a small "video village" for the director in the back of the van, so it all seemed perfectly normal and convenient. Just goes to show, you never know what can be used as a great tool!