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The Tempo of Your Edit

As all good editors know, the pace and tempo of the any project your dealing with is crucial. The pacing of cuts, the use/frequency and type of transitions, duration of clips, and especially the tempo of any music utilized, all play a critical role in the feel and basic watch-ability of the final piece. Here at FiveSix Productions, our senior edit team is working on a project that involves several people telling one story. The overall story is broken down into approximately half a dozen subjects that are woven in with b-roll, each subject playing over it's own music. We've utilized different types of music to allow for the subjects to be easily disseminated, however, the music has similar tempo and rhythm so as to make it coherent. As societies' attention span lessens, it is crucial to keep even an eight to ten minute piece, (such as the aforementioned) flowing smooth with a good pace that isn't slow nor rushed, and accomplishes the overall goal of the project. APM Music is a great resource we utilize to find music for video.

Happy editing, and rock on (or, corporate-style elevator music on).