Video Crew Positions

A guide to video crew positions.

We here at FiveSix Productions greatly value all the hard work and expertise that so many of our crew members bring to set everyday; from pre-production through the post process, our crews are the best. One of the character/work traits that we value the most is the ability for our team members to excel beyond the traditional, basic job requirements, and give more on set. For instance, our P.A.'s (Production Assistant in the U.S., Runner in the U.K.) may be asked to have basic knowledge in camera, audio, or footage management; while we don't typically ask our P.A.'s to do file transferring, some crews expect it. We have a great network of cinematographers, Directors of Photography, and camera operators, but some of our very skilled camera operators wouldn't go out as a D.P.; some crews/clients require that their "A Cam" or "Camera 1" operator is in fact, a D.P. Audio mixers and audio technicians are also two different things. An audio mixer may be expected to have a more thorough knowledge of audio, mixing, and maybe even the post process, where an audio tech may or may not have an advanced knowledge beyond the convention floor or basic interview audio. Also to consider, our grips, gaffers, and electricians occasionally find themselves on a set with a client from Philadelphia or London, where the gear may have different names. What we out west call our light dimmers, a gaffer from the U.K. most likely will call it a squeezer, so having a broad, extensive knowledge of your position will make the production run smoother.

From director of photography, to gaffer, audio tech, P.A., grip, producer, makeup, and the many other positions, we push ourselves to have the broadest and most extensive knowledge in our field. We at FiveSix Productions expect the best, and thus, we provide the best video production crews in Southern California and Nevada.

On This Day In History

On this day in 1913, acclaimed director and producer Stanley Kramer is born in New York City. Kramer produced and directed numerous "message" films that tackled issues ranging from politics to race to social equity, and more. Kramer worked with such film stars as Humphrey Bogart, Frank Sinatra, Fred Astaire, Cary Grant, Sophia Loren, Vivien Leigh, Tony Curtis, Sidney Poitier, and Katharine Hepburn. His plethora of films includes The Defiant Ones, Judgment at Nuremberg, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, Home of the Brave (1949) High Noon (1952), and the 1963 comedy It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. Stanley was nominated for six producing Oscars, and three directing Oscars, but sadly was never chosen as the winner. Stanley Kramer was a passionate and fearless filmmaker who certainly left an indelible mark on the industry and society. He passed away at the age of 87 in Woodland Hills, California, on February 19, 2001. Make sure to check out IMDB page so you can start enjoying his collection of excellent films.