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FiveSix Productions Isn't Afraid of the Dark

Happy Halloween! In the spirit of the holiday, with all it's dark and creepy glory, FiveSix Productions ventured into the deserts outside of Las Vegas, and had some fun in the dark. Along with some technology designers and armed forces veterans (thank you for your service), we got to check out some of the latest and greatest in low-light, visual technology. From the staple night-vision scopes, to thermal imaging, and even some revolutionary new technology that left us stunned, we got to see it all. We wish we could share some more information and some photos about all that we did and saw, but unfortunately it's "G-7" classified. We can tell you that we had a great time filming all the equipment, and enjoyed working with one of our favorite actors. Our studio is a disaster after a busy week of Las Vegas video production, and these projects won't edit themselves, so we'll see y'all real soon. Happy Halloween you goblins and ghouls.