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FiveSix Productions has logged many hours, and exponentially more footsteps in a vast swath of convention and meeting halls. We pride ourselves on knowing the ins and outs of all those coffee-chugging, break-out session loving, swag-grabbing conventions and conferences. Whether we're posted up on a Spider Pod with a wicked smooth servo lens in the back of a break-out room like a majestic Blue-Throated Macaw, or silently capturing all the inspiring and exciting moments of a general session/show floor like an adorable and elusive Fennec Fox, we set out to make all of our clients dreams come true. And, we don't stop at breath-taking cinematography, we have audio skills that would make Beethoven tap his foot, producers who would make Mel Brooks stand and applaud, editors who construct stories that make Seven King look like a two-bit hack. We do session records, man on the street, green screens, white screens, no screens, and yes, so, so much more. Yes, from Long Beach, California, all the way out to fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, if you have a convention video that needs to be done right, you just pick up that phone and call FiveSix Productions, the best and let us take it from there.

Las Vegas Video Production

How to Use Video at a Convention #corporatevideo #videomarketing #videoproduction

Convention Videos, we know these well.  Las Vegas is the king of conventions and it's an ideal atmosphere in which to capture video.  There are dozens of reasons we're called upon and I'll just descirbe a few.

Capture a keynote speaker or a CEO presentation - how often can these corporate videos be used internally to help companies understand what they are all about and where they are going.  Many times these videos are archived but they can be very effective if used in the appropriate situations.

Capture Product Demonstrations - many conventions have exhibitors who are doing none other than exhibiting products.  Usually the best people, who know the product inside and out, are on hand to help describe and convey what the product is capable of doing.  Is there a better time to capture a product demonstration video?  You have the product, the people and the customers.

Capture Customer Testimonials - Many conventions are put on for partners and/or customers of corporations.  This is the one place where you will have a good selection of customers in one area, at one time and at your disposal.  Get a room, set up a camera and fill up time slots.  The customer testimonial video is a great marketing tool.

Show off - conventions take resources, they take a lot of money and a lot of time.  There is no reason why they shouldn't be documented and captured on video and then shown off through social media and internal channels.  Everyone should see what's going.  Highlight convention videos will be popular with everyone, attendees as well as those that didn't get to go.

Learning - conventions usually have breakout sessions where learning takes place in a field of expertise.  The class is going on and only the few who are there can attend.  Why not capture it on video and re-use it for everyone, the content doesn't change once it's on a video so this is a no-brainer.  Breakout session videos can be captured in bulk and are very helpful later on.

These are just a few ways videos can be used in convention settings.  We do these all the time in Las Vegas and just thought you might like some ideas on what you can do to help capture the moments that should be shared and not forgotten.