FiveSix Goes To A Concert

Five Six Productions capped off it's weekend excursion with rocker Carlos Santana and his band at a very special concert at the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay Resort here in Vegas. We provided our teleprompting services for this portion of the weekend, aiding the artists in their performance of their new album Santana IV, and of course, a couple classic songs. Music legend Ronald Isley stopped by and aided the band on two new songs, and FiveSix Productions was happy to lend our services there, too. All in all, we had a great weekend working with Santana and his band, and sure appreciate all the help from our great freelancers. So, until the next one, keep rocking, friends.



A Weekend with Santana

Video production in Las Vegas takes us to many different venues, shooting many different subjects. FiveSix Productions had the pleasure of doing a weekend shoot with guitar and rock legend, Carlos Santana and his original band. The rocker has a new album coming out soon that includes all his original band mates from his first few albums. Our crews shot interviews, shows and rehearsals, and other video clips and sound bites to help promote his upcoming album and concerts. We always enjoy the opportunity to be around such talented and accomplished artists and other such folks, and strive to give them, like all our clients, the best experience possible. We have one more day of shooting, so we better get to set. Rock on friends.