DimpleSticks offer a new and innovation camera rig for the filmmaker on the go

Much of what we do at FiveSix Productions consists of ENG/Docu-style film making, which requires us to be quick and agile while still producing high quality work.  This can be challenging, especially when certain shots and setups require special equipment and attention.  We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to enhance efficiencies and a new product by DimpleSticks looks to do just that.  In terms of camera stabilization rigs, we have had great success with Tilta along with some of the Zacuto products, however, quite frankly, there are many parts to deal with and depending on the various camera that we own, limitations on how the rig can be set up.  With DimpleSticks, they eliminate the difficulties but offering a stabilization system that is fully customizable to fit virtually any camera and versatile enough to work in any environment.

Check out this writeup from No Film School.

Let us know if the DimpleSticks system is a tool you find helpful on your future projects.