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Canon's 8K and 120megapixel Reveal!

Yesterday, the Japanese imaging giant, Canon, our favorite company from The Land of the Rising Sun, announced the near-future release of an 8K cinema camera and 120 megapixel DSLR.

The cinema camera will have a Super 35mm equivalent CMOS sensor, capable of 60fps, and 13 stops of dynamic range. The camera will feature the awesome EF mount we've become so fond of, and the sensor will be 8,192 x 4,320 pixels (approximately 35.39 million effective pixels). Canon will also produce an 8K professional reference monitor, because, let's be honest, what's the point without it?

As for the DSLR, it will have 120 effective megapixels, capable of beautiful, clear, poster size images, and allow for cropping without compromising quality. Imagine your vacation photos with Mickey blown up to life size!

Canon hasn't said when the camera will be available, nor if it will even be unveiled at NAB, PhotoKina, or... maybe a random Taco Tuesday (or Sushi Sunday if you're in their neck of the woods).

Either way, what a surprise bomb-shell from Canon that's sure to get your motor running.