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FiveSix is the go to for Southern California corporate videos.

Corporate communications influence areas such as marketing, identity, culture, and brand. The most dynamic way to reach your audience, including potential clients, customers, other businesses, partners and team members is through the effective use of video.

Corporate video encompasses a large variety of formats, including convention overviews and awards, video newsletters, internal updates, sales presentations, product information and instruction, executive interviews and social media interaction. Successful businesses know how to effectively use and distribute video in all areas and FiveSix has experience producing anything you can think up.

Brand Marketing

It’s nice to do nice things for the community. It’s even nicer when everyone else knows what nice things you’ve done.

Community Outreach

As your customers try your products let our crews capture their feedback.

Employee Engagement

Your clients need to know your product or service and what it stands for. FiveSix Productions can make this happen.

Internal Communication

Let us handle the entire production. Our production team will capture your brand and marketing information so your investment will live beyond your convention.

Why you should FiveSix…

FiveSix has produced hundreds of successful corporate videos for high-profile companies and local businesses. Our approach isn’t a one size fits all, we help tailor each video to accomplish the goals set forth by our client. We listen, suggest ideas and guide the process to ensure the project is done correctly, within budget and on time. Each video we take on will be completed with the highest quality equipment and the most professional crew members. We are familiar with corporate culture and can accommodate top executives with the utmost professionalism. FiveSix takes Southern California corporate videos to the next level and will ensure a great experience.

Corporate video has never been more important than it is today. The way we communicate has changed, video is at everyone’s fingertips at every moment. They share, they interact, they learn, they become informed and a good portion of all that comes to them through video. Our reputation at FiveSix comes providing a great value to our clients. By producing high quality Orange County corporate videos at every budget level.

Other Production

Training never ends, there’s always something or someone new coming into your business.  Be sure everyone receives the same message and training with a time-saving video.

Keeping your message fresh and relevant is pivotal in today’s corporate world.  If you have something new to say, we’ll make sure it’s presented right.

Make sure you capture everything that happens at the meeting for later review or to show to those who couldn’t make it.

The team needs to stay engaged and up to date on what’s going on.  If the executive team has something to say, we’ll make sure they look right and sound perfect.

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The FiveSix Difference

  • Executive Friendly Team

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  • Creative and Flexible

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Our skills

Experience videographers will film your exhibit booth, products, amazed clients and vendors. Tell us what your goals are and we will deliver a hard drive with all your footage.
Conventions bring business partners, vendors, and customers together. We can set up an interview room in your hotel or convention space and capture everyone while they are together here in Las Vegas.
Need your latest products playing in your booth? We can produce and film the digital signage pieces so your booth is always current.