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Conventions and trade shows are a time to show off your best and when you’re at your best, you want everyone to see it. The only way to make sure every attendee, exhibitor, sponsor, fan, follower, potential customer, and clients engage with your products and messages, is to put it in a video.

Take this opportunity to record customer testimonials, executive interviews, product demonstrations, keynote speeches, learning labs, your booth and everything else that is happening at the convention. It’s an opportunity to capture and create content when everybody is in one place and working towards the same objectives.

Show Highlights

Show off what happened at your convention with a highlight reel, shot and cut on site, to play at the final gathering. These videos always make a great ending to a successful show.

Client Testimonials

Your customers and clients talking about your product can be some of the most impactful pieces of any marketing campaign. Make sure it looks good and is done right with FiveSix Productions.

Product Videos

What’s the best way for potential clients and customers to know why your product or service is better than the competition? That’s easy, a great video that outlines the exact reasons you’re the best in the industry.

Marketing Videos

A convention is a great time to create marketing pieces for the upcoming year. Let FiveSix help you to display your brand proudly.

FiveSix Productions will capture the excitement of your tradeshow…

The convention business has arrived in full force in Long Beach and Orange County. And why wouldn’t it? Perfect weather, great attractions, laid back locals, beaches and now…a great partner to help you capture everything on video.

FiveSix makes your life easier, we understand the convention format and how it all works together. We come in, integrate with your team seamlessly and keep an eye out to make sure everything runs smooth. Our crews and editors make sure your taken care of and that you walk away with a quality product to showcase until next year.

We can handle any request and have experience with all formats of production including full room green screens, multi crew efforts, live streaming, booth coverage and presentation records. We pride ourselves on top quality, cutting edge technology and only the best and most professional crew members. The videos we produce, coming out of conventions, will be some of the best marketing tools you’ll have throughout the year.

Types of conventions

A big part of filming a succesful video is understanding the content. Because of our experience working with tech companies (Cisco, Intel, IBM, Salesforce, Autodesk, Adobe, Microsoft to name a few). We get it.

You name it and we have filmed it. Drug Trials. Check! New ortho surgery tools. Check! Dental Surgeries. Check!

Our second passion just behind filming is cars. FiveSix has been a staple at SEMA and other cars shows. We love being in the pits and garages to help capture your event and it will show in the final product.

You’ve seen our crews at FIDM and on more runways than you can count. High-fashion goes with High-styled videos. You bring the designs we will make the videos happen.

Let us quote your upcoming production.


Everything you need for your next convention video.

List of Features

  • ENG Camera Packages

  • Media Tours

  • Green Screen Interviews

  • Live Streaming

  • Electronic News Release

Our skills

Experience videographers will film your exhibit booth, products, amazed clients and vendors. Tell us what your goals are and we will deliver a hard drive with all your footage.
Conventions bring business partners, vendors, and customers together. We can set up an interview room in your hotel or convention space and capture everyone while they are together here in Las Vegas.
Need your latest products playing in your booth? We can produce and film the digital signage pieces so your booth is always current.